PT Marina Nusantara Selaras started its fishing business in 2002, as an individual based company.

As the business grew, PT. Marina Nusantara Selaras was formally established in September of 2009, as a company who moves in the field of tuna fishing, and export as it’s objective.


PT. Marina Nusantara Selaras processes tuna that are caught by local Bitung fishermen, using traditional boats. Handline system is used in order to sustain the population of the tuna. By facilitating the supply of tuna
for export, PT. Marina takes part in the improvement of the local fishermen’s economic life.


To be a fishery company that produces superior and quality products, guaranteed quality and safety and able to compete in the international market.

1. Ensuring quality as a top priority
2. Increase customer confidence in the products produced
3. Producing quality products according to standards
4. Establish good cooperation with fish suppliers or fishermen as suppliers of fish raw materials
5. Provide employment for competent local communities
6. Improve employee welfare through increased productivity


Quality Policy
1. Providing products that are safe, quality, legal and guaranteed authenticity
2. Providing the resources and finance needed to implement an effective management system
3. Meet customer, government and other relevant regulations
4. Continuously improve the quality management system, food safety, legality, and authenticity.



PT Marina Nusantara Selaras produces items that have been processed by a processing unit. Our products are handled, prepared by, processed, kept, and distributed based on the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP), and Sanitation Standard Operating Program (SSOP). 

The products are then exported to different countries such as: USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Our products are able to  fulfill consumer demands in quantity, quality, and food safety.

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PT Marina Nusantara Selaras stands on 3,150 m2 of land and is completed by support facilities such as:

  • 4 units COLD STORAGE. 2 Units with a capacity of 150 tons and maximum temperature of -30ºC per unit, and 2 units with a capacity of 75 tons and the maximum temperature of -50ºC per unit

  • 2 units BLAST FREEZER with a capacity of 10 tons and maximum temperature of -45ºC per unit

  • 2 units CHILLER ROOMS with a capacity of 20 tons and 10 tons and temperature ranging from -2ºC until 3,3ºC

In the process of production, PT Marina Nusantara Selaras uses water from a well that has been treated by Ozone and Chlorination. The worthiness of the water is verified every 3 months, and is done by sending water sample to 3 accredited laboratories to evaluate is microbiological profile. The water also undergoes an annual physical examination.